Red October Company Limited has, ever since its inception in 1997, become a domestic leader in the importation and distribution of confectionery, tobacco, wines and spirits.  Once employing just two-part timers who took up the catering concession in one of Malta’s most foremost sports clubs, the company now boasts a workforce of just under 30 full-time personnel.  At Red October, we aim to handle our brands exclusively in order to perform at the highest order in each market segment – including hotels, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets as well as retail outlets, wholesalers and tobacconists We are privately owned and independent of any other organisation.


Nothwithstanding the seasonal fluctuations in demand for our products, we put great value in the loyalty of both our clients and employees who are constantly at the heart of our operations. Our Chairman Christopher Caruana Turner has over 30 years worth of experience in the trade, and is the 4th generation of the Caruana family which has been synonymous with the tobacco, confectionery, wines and spirits business since 1895, showing excellent track records across the board.  Our Managing Director, Carlos Cluett, also owns a wealth of 30 years experience in sales & marketing of confectionery, tobacco and wines and spirits. He actively handles all supermarkets, the confectionery portfolio and liaises with both Mario and Mark on all strategic decisions.  Mario Duca, also a Director of Red October, has spent the last 28 years in the industry, and has developed a level of expertise in the tobacco sector.  Moreover, he leads our in-house Accounts and Administration Department.  Our third and final Director, Mark Schembri, has been on-board with the company since the very beginning 16 years ago.  During this time his know-how in this sector has contributed towards the expansion in the company’s product portfolio, thus leading to exponential growth sales of variety of wines and spirits that suit the market’s requirements and trends. Together, our directors and managers take pride in adopting a down-to-earth approach to business which serves to motivate our qualified and enthusiastic staff.  This also helps forge new, lasting relationships with our esteemed clientele who are the lifeblood of Red October.


16 years’ experience as a firm have helped us become experts in what we do, and while we are proud of our achievements over the years, we also strive to reach new heights by not resting on our laurels.  Our vast product range, including household brand names such as Averna Group, Wenneker Distilleries, Kettle Chips, Pernigotti and Casella Wines – producers of [yellow tail]® wines, of which Red October  is the largest importer and distributor per capita worldwide. Every effort is made to satisfy all levels of the market – whether at entry level as well as the medium and top ends of the local scene.  One of our tasks on a decision-making level is to preserve value for our clients by selecting products whilst bearing in mind two vital elements; quality and pricing


Mission Statement

We at Red October strive to offer a unique service by delivering quality products which cater for all the needs of our esteemed clientele, maintaining a healthy relationship with each customer in order to build the foundations for mutual success.”   Vision Statement  Red October is all about building brands from the ground up in order for them to realize their full potential within their target segment of the market.  Moreover, customer satisfaction – regardless of the size of the entity – is paramount.  Each client is treated with the same high level of service and respect, according to the  company’s motto:


Value, service and quality are our priority.