The year was 1918 when, in the streets of Casale Monferrato, the capital of Monferrato and of Piedmont’s winemaking tradition, Distilleria Magnobert was born.

The small company was distinguished by the first preparations of Grappa and Liquors of an herb-base, skilfully selected and infused according to secret, unchanging ancient recipes.

Today, 90 years after the company’s birth, an important testimony of the city and of the Casale Monferrato territory to the world, the Luparia family continues, its journey in the world of distilling with the same enthusiasm as always. Ever more frequent are the occasions to make known the splendid hills of Monferrato and the noble Italian Distillato, once a privilege of experts and the elderly, also to women and new generations, directed at quality and excellent purchases, promoting a correct and good drinking, so the Grappa becomes even more a moment of encounter and mediation.